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 all prices were changed to usd for easy calculate
 Wallet Addresses Were Removed For Customers privacy

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 Wallet Address  Ballance  Price Buy
185qA****jJioEq5 0.268 BTC 0.020 BTC
1AyvkX***1wCtCR 0.247 BTC 0.020 BTC
1Dfws***rucRt3K2 1.002 BTC 0.060 BTC
17VaK***qZr75b 0.2000 BTC 0.019 BTC
3ByoP***Mrj82xxBi 0.2000 BTC 0.020 BTC
3MJgD***HabuYJ 0.290 BTC 0.025 BTC
 PrivKey  Ballance  Price Buy
1Hb*****CA8 1.42556591 0.025

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